Ideal Colors for Every Room

Ideal Colors for Every Room

There are several factors to consider when choosing a paint color; lighting, furniture, design scheme, etc. That said, there are some unique colors that work well for a room no matter your room’s direction or whether or not it has windows. The ideal colors differ for each room. Read on to learn about them.

Living Room: Brown, White
The living room is a room in your house that needs to be fresh and clean at all times. Guests are usually welcomed into this room, so it needs to be properly maintained and look inviting. There are certain colors that can lift the mood as you enter a room. In the living room, brown and white colors are considered the best. They are soothing colors that really lighten up the space and bring a tranquil vibe to the living room and calm the surrounding.

Kitchen: Gray, Orange
The kitchen is the heart of a home so the colors you choose for this room obviously matters a lot. The gray color is ideal for this space because it is warm, welcoming, and airy. It has a soothing positive energy. Another ideal color for the kitchen is orange. In fact, it has been a traditional kitchen color for many years. The kitchen is a balance of coolness and warmness and both orange and gray colors are suitable to maintain the balance of playful and calm energies.

Bedroom: Blue, Green
A bedroom is the most personal spaced room in the entire house. After all, it is where you spend most of your free and comfortable time. For the bedroom, lighter shades like blue and green are known to be the best options. Blue signifies emotions, inspiration, and devotion. It is also known to be the best mental stress relieving color. Green is known for being a very harmonious color and it is particularly suitable for bedrooms in East facing homes.

Bathroom: Yellow, Black
A bathroom is a place that is no generally not decorated, and homeowners try to keep it as simple as possible. Because of this, lighter shades are a common choice. However, when the space lacks natural light, you can choose yellow color as it has the potential to recreate that feeling when combined with artificial light. It is particularly suitable for bathrooms with small windows. Just be sure to have sufficient artificial light in the space. Black is another ideal color for bathroom. Black ceiling, floor, and walls create a cozy surround of a bathroom space. Again, it is recommended that you have enough artificial light in your bathroom if you choose this color as it will keep the potential dark-space-discomfort at bay.

When choosing a color scheme for the rooms in your house, keep in mind that you don’t have to use the exact same colors in all spaces. However, it is important to connect the colors through the home. Color continuity is important as it creates a harmonious, cohesive look and feel because the eye flows smoothly from one room to another.

Photos by: Kara Eads, Jakob Owens, Houzlook, Max Vakhtbovych, Victoria Borodinova

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