Poland’s Natural Wonders

Poland’s Natural Wonders

Stretching from the high Tatra mountains to the amber beaches of the Baltic Sea, Poland is as beautiful as it is expansive. One of the biggest attractions of this country is its wealth of natural beauty. From alluring lakes and sandy beaches to vibrant forests and spectacular mountains, there is no shortage of natural wonders here. No matter what time of year you visit this country, you are sure to find adventure and fun. Following are the most beautiful natural wonders to visit in Poland when you travel here:

Bialowieza Forest
Bialowieza Forest is one of the top UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This natural wonder spans across over 3,000 square kilometers. It extends as far as the western Belarus and the eastern edge of Poland, as well as to the borders of Ukraine and Lithuania. It is one of the largest last remnants of Europe’s primeval woodland. Bialowieza is home to a wide range of exotic trees, including ancient 500-year-old oaks. It is also home to over 800 European bison, lynx, deer, wolves, and even golden eagles.

Tatra Mountains
If you are a nature lover looking for a true outdoor adventure, then Tatra Mountains are highly recommended for you. They are the highest mountain range between the Caucasus and the Alps. Rocky peaks covered with snow, picturesque valleys, waterfalls, ponds, and sharp ridges make this place one of the most stunning in Poland. Tatra Mountains stretch on for many miles and offer some of the best views of Poland. The skiing here is also top-notch, and there are many opportunities for spelunking, paragliding, hiking, and rock climbing.

Dunajec River
The Dunajec River is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that runs through amazing limestone mountains in Southern Poland and Northeastern Slovakia, producing some of the most gorgeous rock formations. You can go on a 3-hour wooden raft trip to witness some of the most scenic and unforgettable landscapes. The river passes through the National Park of Pieniny that is home to a variety of rare species of plants, lynx, otters, and butterflies.

Masurian Lakes
Masuria is a scenic land of about 3,000 lakes. It is a natural wonder highly recommended for sailing fans, cyclists, hikers, fishermen, and those who are looking for tranquility. In addition to wandering around and enjoying the water sports, you may explore several historic places here. There are castles in Gizycko, Nidzica, and Reszel, the Hitler’s wartime headquarters near Ketrzyn, and the amazing Baroque church in Swieta Lipka.

Bieszczady Mountains
Bieszczady Mountains are one of the most secluded areas in Europe. These soft green mountains are a paradise for restless drifters and lovers of nature. The picturesque landscapes and extraordinary wildlife make it a perfect holiday destination. Bieszczady is the most stunning in autumn and summer, whereas during winter they attract skiing enthusiasts.

In conclusion, Poland is a great destination for nature lovers. Whether you are interested in hiking through the majestic mountains, sailing for days on pristine lakes, or relaxing on white sandy beaches, this country has you covered. Above-listed are just a few of the natural wonders in it that attract so many tourists each year.

Photos by: Anthony Beck, Sudip Saha, Ivars Utinans,  Marcin Jozwiak,  Dariusz Staniszewski, Anna Hunko

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