The Secret Islands of Venetian Lagoon

The Secret Islands of Venetian Lagoon

Venice is without a doubt one of the tourist hotspots of Italy, with millions flocking to the city’s major attractions every year, e.g. St. Mark’s Square, Grand Canal, etc. Despite its incredible popularity, don’t let the crowds put you off visiting this amazing city – there is still a wide variety of hidden gems and unbeaten paths that are well worth visiting to see Venice from a different perspective. Following are some must-visit secret islands of Venice.

Murano, The Glass Island
If you love art, then you should certainly visit this place. Commonly known as The Glass Island, Murano has been the honored home of glassmakers for over eight centuries. if you visit this island, you could be lucky enough to witness a live demonstration. It is truly a captivating and beautiful craft to watch. You can even give it a go if you are up for it. They host a workshop where you can make virtually anything from colorful and charming mosaics to glistening necklace beads. Anything you make will be the perfect souvenir to remember this stunning island.

Located directly across the lagoon from the Doge’s Palace and Piazza San Marco, San Giorgio in Alga is home to one of the most unique viewpoints in Venice. From here, you can admire the traffic of the waterways and the crowds of Piazza San Marco from a blissfully tranquil distance while exploring a downright tiny and beautiful island in the Venetian Lagoon. The only crowded bit here is the bell tower, but it is worth it for the magnificent views of the city, the Lido, the Grand Canal, and beyond.

Isola di San Michele, Island of the Dead
Located a short vaporetto ride away from central Venice, Isola di San Michele is certainly one of the most unusual things to see in Venice. As the name suggests, the entire island acts as a cemetery. It is non-residential, but contains a beautiful church, the grand marble tombs of dead musicians, scientists, mathematicians, aristocrats, as well as the resting places of many ordinary Venetians. If you are looking to see a somewhat secret and unusual island of Venice, then the Island of the Dead is unlike anything else you will see in the city.

San Servolo, Island of the Mad
“Island of the Mad” might not sound like the most enjoyable place to spend an afternoon while visiting Venice, but there is no denying that a trip to San Servolo can be quite a fascinating experience. This secret island of Venice earned its unflattering nickname by serving as the official mental asylum for the city from 1725 to 1978. Divided into nine sections and containing a photo album of patients, San Servolo is one of the most unusual yet captivating hidden gems of Venice.

These are some of the most interesting secret islands of Venice. A visit to any of these hidden gems during your trip to the Floating City will surely make your vacation unforgettable.

Photos by: Ray Harrington, Tania Miron, Karen Uppal, Dan Kitwood, Pinterest

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