Unusual Holiday Destinations for Alternative Travelers

Unusual Holiday Destinations for Alternative Travelers

Gone are the days when commercial coach tours and busy beach resorts around the world were what we wanted for our holidays. Today, a majority of travelers are looking for more unusual holiday destinations to explore the world off the beaten track. If you are also an alternative traveler, then know that you have several options.

The Far North of Vietnam
Vietnam is one of the most scenic countries in the world. You can basically go anywhere in the country and you will find something beautiful and different. But if you are looking for an unusual holiday experience, then it is recommended that you visit the northern part of the country. Hanoi is a place you should certainly visit. This beautiful place will allow you to explore the many wonders of the region and give you the opportunity to take in the dramatic scenery and meet the fascinating hilltribes.

Mongolia’s Gobi Desert
Gobi Desert is one of the most unusual desert landscapes in the world. Rocky outcrops and gravel plains cover much of the Khongoryn Els area, which is the home of the last two-humped camels as well as Gobi bears that are now estimated to be less than 50 on earth. Don’t forget to visit the Eagle Valley. It is a protected site that beautifully narrows into a canyon. Another must-see place is Bayanzag. This ancient sea floor is particularly recommended for those keen on history. It is the site of many amazing paleontological finds.

Oman – For a Middle Eastern Road Trip
Oman may not be on most of the lists of recommended travel destinations in the world, but it does attract alternative travelers. With petrol costs being some of the lowest in the world and roads being some of the best, a road trip is no doubt the best way to explore the country. It is recommended that you start in the capital Muscat as it will allow you to enjoy some of the must-visit places in northeastern Oman in addition to some amazing hidden gems.

Bhutan – For Time-Honored Traditions and Unspoiled Landscapes
Bhutan is an under-explored destination and this is what makes it an ideal place to visit for alternative travelers. The country is known for its amazing Buddhist monasteries and beautiful landscape. It is a place where the majestic mountains allow you to breathe a fresh air of life. The unspoiled landscapes and time-honored traditions are the top attractions of Bhutan. Some of the recommended places to visit include Punakha, Gangtey, Lhuntse, Bumthang, Paro, and Thimphu. They are known for stunning natural beauty, great mountain valleys, nunneries, and monasteries.

Grenada Beyond Beach – For a Unique Holiday in the Caribbean
Grenada is an ideal place for those looking for a discreet island getaway. With its tall, cascading waterfalls, soft white beaches, and a lush green mountainous landscape, Grenada is the best-kept secret of the Caribbean when it comes to island paradises. However, all that beauty somewhat overshadows what lies beyond the beach. So, if you are looking for an unusual holiday experience, you should explore to learn what else the destination has to offer. Take a day trip to land of the reefs. It is known for snorkeling. Beyond water pursuits, this place is also known for festivities during Spice Mas.

Unusual holiday destinations are typically not the first choice of most tourists. But for alternative travelers, they are the best option because of what they have to offer. The above-listed holiday destinations will offer you some of the most unique travel experiences.

Photos by: Giau Tran, Marina Lobato, Victor He, Anfal Shamsudeen, Aaron Santelices, Hugh Whyte

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